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1. If you want to learn about KPI, you should know about the best practices of CMCSI SG

In recent years, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) has become very familiar in management at enterprises in Vietnam.

According to below formula:


Nowadays KPI is not only a term of assessing performance but also a breakthrough solution in management system of an enterprise. In some situations, KPI is seen to be a miracle to help the enterprises become more systematical and more professional.

However, defining indicators in performance management is extremely difficult and applying these indicators in daily management is much more difficult many times. 

To be successful, the leaders and all levels of employees have to endeavour very highly for a very long time.

At CMCSI SG, we are very proud of the KPI system that has been built for many years and has been maintained, improved frequently. KPI system has been showing its effectiveness in assigning working objectives and assessing the employees' performance. The results of appraisals are connected to a attractive  policy of salary and bonus.

We can believe to say that: "talking about CMCSI SG is having to say about the different bonus policy and vice versa". We have had much experience in applying KPI system with both failure and success. Some recently years, KPI system and bonus policy have  been important factors that help CMCSI SG attract and retain talents.

  • KPI system and bonus policy for sales staffs and technical staffs:

ü  Assessing performance quarterly and paying a part of bonus quarterly; the rest of bonus will be paid at the end of year.

ü  The employees can get unlimited bonuses. The higher performance the much more bonus.

  • KPI system and bonus policy for back-office staffs:

ü  Assessing performane and paying bonus at the end of the year.

Bonuses are paid depends on performance of every employee and his/her department as well as the business efficiency of the company.  

2. Income policy and benefit policy

  • Income = Salary + Bonus on performance + other bonuses
  • CMCSI SG always show sincere attentions to all the employees and help them have both full material life and rich spiritual life.
  • Income policy was built based on some criterias such as: income is commensurate with the performance, encouraging the employees to improve productivity. Income policy is fair, transparent, different and competitive.
  • The income policy is public. The employees can know their annual income fund and  can calculate the salary or bonus themselves. If they would like to earn more money, they will try to work more efficiently. They always look for which tasks have to finish and never wait for the manager assigning tasks.
  • Salary of the employees are classified according to the 3P principle: P1: Position that they are assigned ; P2: Person or competencies that they have; P3: Performance that they have to achieve.
  • Bonuses on some holidays and other bonuses based on effectiveness of projects.
  • There are some types of allowances such as: business charges, mobile phone charges, travel fees , ect.
  • Welfare: social/health/unemployment insurance, health care, annual physical examination, summer vacation and picnics/teambuilding games.
  • Other events that show the attentions to children of the employees such as International Children's Day (June 01), Mid-autumn Festival, Christmas Day, ect  
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